Building Your Personal Board of Directors

Jason Y. Liu
1 min readJul 15, 2021

Attended a webinar on this topic and this is something I resonates with a lot. Here are my notes on this topic, hopefully it will be helpful to you as well.

A personal board of directors is..

  • an unofficial group of guides
  • people with varying insights
  • professional support team
  • not mentors
  • not advocates

What directors can help you on:

  • expand range of jobs you consider
  • make connections
  • comment on resume
  • advise on negotiation
  • identify areas for growth
  • help redefine goals
  • strategics ways to get different experience

Composition of your board:

  • industry you are in e.g. tech
  • industries that interest you e.g. FI, tech, consulting
  • function your are in
  • functions that intrigue you
  • diverse: age, gender, personality

Last but not least, if you benefited from the directors in your life, it will be nice to pay it forward!

For the full recording of the webinar, please visit here.