Savings Plan and On-Demand Capacity Reservations

To segregate the previous model of capacity reservations and discounts as one → RIs, AWS’ Savings Plan (SP) was born, together with On-Demand Capacity Reservations (ODCR).

Basically, SP take care of the discounts portion, while ODCR take care of the capacity reservations portion, in case you have critical workloads and worry that your fancy 2-Michelin star dinner with your date get cancelled the last minute.

The following table example is very self-explanatory:

How do we use it?

For steady state workloads, they are the best targets to get SP and ODCR together, where you get all the benefits of RIs plus a bit more flexibility in terms of size, OS, and tenancy.

Nothing to not like about this arrangement. Genius to the AWS team for doing this to create more peace of mind for customers. If you need more info on this topic, this blog-post is pretty good.

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