What is AI ML?

Jason Y. Liu
2 min readAug 1, 2021

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning may sounds like a complex and daunting subject, but let me assure you, once you get the basic idea behind it, grasping the rest of it will be like cake by the ocean!

Try this

To start of with some interactive materials, let’s get our hands wet with this:

Basically, machine learning is …

The beauty is the feedback loop, where the machine learns as more data become available.

Example of AI

There are a wide array of usage in various industries, so for some examples of practical applications are the following:

  • Industrial robotics
  • Fraud detection
  • Stock trading
  • Autonomous driving

Process of doing ML

Iterative steps of machine learning before we use them for inference

This is all the teasers we are going to have today, stay tuned for more informative posts next time!